Ana Sofia De Sousa Lopes

Ana Sofia De Sousa Lopes


Artigo em revista

  • 2014-11-09, Survival, re-expansion and cell survival of human blastocysts following vitrification and warming using two vitrification systems., Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics
  • 2010-09-07, Oxygen consumption and ROS production are increased at the time of fertilization and cell cleavage in bovine zygotes., Human reproduction (Oxford, England)
  • 2010-01-01, Critical reappraisal of embryo quality as a predictive parameter for pregnancy outcome: a pilot study., Facts, views & vision in ObGyn
  • 2007-06-07, Respiration rates correlate with mRNA expression of G6PD and GLUT1 genes in individual bovine in vitro-produced blastocysts., Theriogenology
  • 2006-11-24, Investigation of respiration of individual bovine embryos produced in vivo and in vitro and correlation with viability following transfer., Human reproduction (Oxford, England)
  • 2006-11-15, Quantification of embryo quality by respirometry., Theriogenology
  • 2006-06-13, Relationship of pre-ovulatory follicle size, estradiol concentrations and season to pregnancy outcome in dairy cows., Animal reproduction science
  • 2006-06-01, Effect of days post-partum, breed and ovum pick-up scheme on bovine oocyte recovery and embryo development., Reproduction in domestic animals = Zuchthygiene
  • 2005-11-01, Respiration rates of individual bovine in vitro-produced embryos measured with a novel, non-invasive and highly sensitive microsensor system., Reproduction (Cambridge, England)
  • 2005-03-01, Effect of stage of follicular growth during superovulation on developmental competence of bovine oocytes., Theriogenology


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