Maria Rita Pais

Maria Rita Pais


Maria Rita Pais (Lisbon, 1975) is an architect, teacher, curator and researcher based in Lisbon. With degree in Architecture by Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon Technical University FAUTL (1999), Master in Construction by Instituto Superior Técnico (2004) and PhD in Architecture by FAUTL (2012), maintains research and academic activity together with the architectural project and curatorial activity, as a way to achieve greater breadth in the discipline of architecture and in its dissemination. Her research interests focus mainly on architecture and, more specifically in the relationship between architecture and media and in hard heritage. Currently, is coordinating two research projects: one on the recently found and declassified bunkers from Portugal and another in bringing art as a historical document in the field of the history of architecture. Her teaching activity began in 2001 at IST (Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisbon) as Manuel Vicente Assistant in Project Design discipline. Has also teached at Parq-EUVG and ARCA, in Coimbra and is currently teaching as Associated Professor at Universidade Lusófona - Pólo Universitário de Lisboa and as Guest Teacher at FAUL. During this experience has been responsible for the units “History of Contemporary Architecture”, “Critical Architectural Discourse”, “Habitat and Housing Space”, “Dissertation”, “Specialization Seminars”, and “Curatorial Resources”, “Project Design”, “Art and Architecture”, and “Research Methods in Architecture”, in the Master Degree in Architecture; and “Architectural Design Conception”, “Architecture: Design and Research”, “Thesis I and II”, “Research Methods in Architecture” and “Thesis Project” in the PhD degree in Architecture. Still in the academic field, has supervised over thirty master's thesis, one post-doc and is supervising seven PhD thesis. She also participate in scientific committees for several scientific publications and peer reviews papers, scientific projects and evaluates over three universities in academia internationally. She also writes, edit and co-edit several books as the Journey into the Invisible: Space, Experience, Representation, a book, that won the FAD AWARD for 2020. In addition, as a scholar, holds several international conferences as a speaker or mediator, publishes scientific books and articles in leading international journals and magazines and actively participates in workshops related to her research areas. Was co-editor of Lusófona Magazine of Architecture and Education and Baú Magazine. Currently is preparing a research project with the Ministry of National Defence and is CoCo at Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Project nº823901 SOSClimateWaterfront Marie Curie Project (with Pedro Ressano Garcia), together with various academic management positions as PhD Coordinator, Member of the Scientific Council for the Architecture Department for Lusófona University, Coordinator for Mobility for the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and Coordinator for Academia do Ensino Lusófono. In curatorial field, has co-curated Lisbon Open House 2018 (with Luis Santiago Baptista), co-curated Habitar Portugal 2009-2011 - an initiative of the Portuguese Architects Guild (with Susana Ventura and Rita Dourado) and co-curated the exhibition Journey into the Invisible (with Luís Santiago Baptista), funded by the Portuguese Government. Was responsible for curating several events, programming and designing exhibitions such as Anteciparte, Alvito Project, Mini-Stereo and Cinematographic Marathon Living Architectures among others. Currently is curating “Cuidar de um País”, for Bienal Anozero and “The Way to Disarm is to Disarm”, for galeria Note. She works as an architect with several international awards (Archdaily 2011, Honorable Mention at The Plan Award 2015 and Best Interior Asian-Pacific Design Award. Also has won the prize for the best paper presentation at the NHR2010, the FAD Award 2020 for Thoughts and Critics and Prémio Távora 2023.


  • Outros
    Degree in Architecture
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    PhD in Architecture
  • Outros
    Master in Construction
  • Diplôme d´études supérieures


Edição de número de revista

  • Fractura, 1

Artigo em revista

  • 2020, No encalço do Invisível, Revista Bula
  • 2002, Serigrafia em Betão, Construlink

Tese / Dissertação

  • 2018, Mestrado, Entre estratégia e forma : o papel do arquiteto na prática da arquitetura participada
  • 2018, Mestrado, Betão e expressão material : Observatório no Cabo Carvoeiro
  • 2017, Mestrado, Entre regeneração e integração social : requalificação do bairro Ilha d'Madeira em Ribeira Bote
  • 2017, Mestrado, As escadas não são só escadas : a escada como elemento central e gerador de espaço em arquitetura em Portugal
  • 2013, Mestrado, Vasco Cunha, cinquenta anos de obra arquitectónica em Coimbra – 1962 a 2012
  • 2013, Mestrado, Palheiros da tocha: a vida no limite do mar. Palheiros da Praia da Tocha – a relação entre a arquitectura e a paisagem
  • 2013, Mestrado, O não-lugar e o ócio. Alterações do perfil do turista
  • 2013, Mestrado, Dinâmicas editoriais na cultura arquitectónica: leitura crítica do posicionamento e das estratégias de comunicação da revista NU entre 2002 e 2012
  • 2013, Mestrado, Coimbra de Raul Lino – A Arquitetura doméstica de Raul Lino em Coimbra
  • 2013, Mestrado, A influência das viagens de Raul Lino na exposição do mundo português de 1940


  • 2024, Plan Barron: A Future for Super-Resistant Structures, Pais, Maria Rita, Edições Lusófonas
  • 2018, Open House Lisboa 2018, Pais, Maria Rita; Baptista, Luís Santiago , EGEAC, Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
  • 2012, Luís Pedra Silva, Pais, Maria Rita, Uzina Books

Capítulo de livro

  • 2023, Fieldwork on Invisibility, The City and the Myth, Casa Editrice Libria
  • 2023, Bunker landscapes: from traces of a traumatic past to key elements in the citizen identity, Defensive Architecture of the Mediterranean, Pisa University Press
  • 2022, Vestígios da Invisibilidade: Leituras a partir dos registos, Curadoria de Enigmas Territoriais + Incursão ao Porto Oriental, Parábola Crítica:
  • 2022, Future archeology: anticipating the rise of the sea water level, Thessaloniki 2019 Waterfront, Thessaloni, Aristotle University
  • 2022, Future archeology, Thessaloniki Fall 2019, Waterfront Ampelokipi ¿ Menemeni Kalamaria, 1, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Marie Curie Actions (H2020 ¿ MSCA Rise).
  • 2022, Designing for anthropocene: bringing "creativity" as method and "milieu" as a new paradigm of looking to the world, Design &Sustainability. The new Series, Altralinea Edizioni
  • 2021, Vestígios da Invisibilidade: Leituras a partir dos registos, Oblique Think Tank #2
  • 2021, Espaço, Tempo e democracia, DNSJ: Arquitectura, Uzina Books
  • 2019, Introdução, Lisbon 2019 Waterfront: Cascais, Mafra, Alcochete, SOSClimateWaterfront

Edição de livro

  • 2024, SOSClimateWaterfront
  • 2024, Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
  • 2024, Edições Lusófonas
  • 2024, Edições Lusófonas
  • 2024, Edições Lusófonas
  • 2021, DINÂMIA'CET-Iscte
  • 2019, Routledge
  • 2019, Purga
  • 2019, 1, LEAU

Artigo em jornal

  • 2024-01, Function Follows Form: considerations on hard heritage facing climate emergency”, Architecture MDPI
  • 2024, Art as Document: Opening Historical Archive to Artistic Registers: Plan Barron 1938-2004, History of Post War Architecture
  • 2023, Functionalism and disposability. Considerations on decommissioned bunkers along Lisbon coastline facing climate emergency, Seascape Internacional Journal of ARchitecture, Urbanism and Geomorphology of Coastal Landscapes
  • 2022, La aportación de las arquitectas al análisis gráfico del patrimonio arquitectónico, Zarch
  • 2021-12-10, Understanding Bunker Architecture Heritage as a Climate Action Tool: Plan Barron in Lisbon as a “Milieu” and as “Common Good” When Dealing with the Rise of the Water Levels, Heritage
  • 2021, The future of Post-Military Patrimony: the case of Portuguese Coastal Defense, Journal of Cultural Heritage
  • 2014, Research by design in architecture: an approach into the exploratory research phase, AE¿ Architectural and Education Journal


  • 2013, Habitar Portugal 09-11, PROPOSTA PARA UM NOVO MAPA DE HABITAR This edition Habitar Portugal 09_11, an initiative of the National Board of Directors of the Order of Architects, presents a selection of works built by Portuguese architects, between 2009 and 2011, in national or foreign territory.,

Artigo em conferência

  • 2021-01-12, Post-Militar Landscape Patrimony as a climate emergency escape to waterfront resilience, ISOCARP
  • 2020-12-03, Traces of Invisibilty: Readings from Artistic Records, Ambiences
  • 2020-11-20, Spatialise the Feminine: Medea Myth and Architecture, SPACE International Conference 2020 on Gender
  • 2020-10-10, The future of Post-Militar Patrimony: the case of Portuguese Coastal Defence, Smart-Blue-City
  • 2020-10-10, The future of Post-Military Patrimony: the case of Portuguese Coastal Defense, Smart-Blue-City
  • 2018-01, Domestic Topographies: The house of Lino Gaspar, Caxias, 1953-1955, Congresso Cultura y Ciudad Historica
  • 2017, Image in the context of architecture media dissemination: the case of Portugal in the second half of the 20th century, The Image
  • 2015, Active silence behind the scenes: women and space changes in architecture, Matrices, 2nd International Congress on Architecture and Gender
  • 2014, Interior Spaces for Laze: a look into Portuguese domestic in the late twentieth century, (in)arch 2014
  • 2012-11, Edificação ou Umbigo, CPAM - Concentração Portuguesa de Arquitectos em Mação
  • 2010, Open Limits in Single-family-houses. The look into Portuguese proposals in the second half of the XX century, ENH2010 Istambul
  • 2010, Leisure Spaces in single-family houses in Portugal between the 40’s and the 70’s, DOCOMOMO México 2010
  • 2009, House permeability. Relationship between the public entry and the social areas in the single-family-houses by Portuguese architects in the 2nd half of the 20th century, ENHR 09 Prague

Poster em conferência

  • 2009, Proximities between social and working areas in Portuguese domestic housing in the second half of the 20th Century, Living in the Past, The 6th Modern Interiors Research Centre Conference

Catálogo de exposição

  • 2020, Premis FAD 2020, Arquinfad, Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña
  • 2013, Um novo mapa do habitar – apresentação da selecção do Habitar Portugal 2009-2011, Ordem dos Arquitectos

Arte visual

  • Um novo mapa do habitar
  • Tollan
  • Tollan
  • Projecto Alvito


  • 2006, ANTECIPAR-TE, national contest for new artists, Miguel Von Hafe Perez, coordinated by Lourenço Egreja

Exposição de curadoria/museu

  • 2025-11, Cuidar de um País
  • 2024-05, "The Way to Desarm is to Desarm"
  • 2023-07-20, Sustainable Open Solutions for urban waterfronts facing climate change
  • 2020, Como Construir uma Ilha: Úterus Azórica (cur. Bernardo Rodrigues)
  • 2018-09-22, Open House Lisboa 2018
  • 2017-07-27, Viagem ao Invisível: espaço, experiência, representação
  • 2013, Habitar Portugal 2009-2011
  • 2013, Cinematographic Marathon: Living Architectures
  • 2012-01-01, HABITAR PORTUGAL 09-11


  • Urban housing development in Jamor
  • House in Capuchos, Costa da Caparica, with Luís Santiago Baptista (in progress)

Outra produção

  • 2018-09, Open House Lisboa 2018, Commissioner
  • 2017, Decathlon headquarters, Decathlon headquarters, Carnaxide, with Inês Lima Rodrigues;
  • 2013-10-31, Um novo mapa do habitar
  • 2013, Medical Clinic in Sydney, Medical Clinic in Sydney for Dr. Christopher Ho, 450m2, with Luís Pedra Silva
  • 2013, House in Barvikha, House in Barvikha on a century-old forest plot next to the President's holiday home for Alla and Dimitri Mazepin, with 4000m2, with Luis Pedra Silva (in progress);
  • 2012, Uralchem Headquarters, Uralchem Headquarters, 3000m2 in Moscow city (buisness center), with Luís Pedra Silva;
  • 2012, Apartment in Moscow for Alla e Dimitri Mazepin, Apartment in Moscow for Alla e Dimitri Mazepin, 450m2 Moscow, with Luís Pedra Silva;
  • 2011, Santiago Idanez Museum, Competition for Santiago Idanez Museum in Puente de Genáve, with Luís Pedra Silva;
  • 2011, Refurbishment of Valentina Gebuza's apartment, Refurbishment of Valentina Gebuza's apartment in Maputo, with Luís Pedra Silva;
  • 2011, Paço do Giela in Arcos de Valdevez, Competition for Paço do Giela in Arcos de Valdevez, with Luís Pedra Silva;
  • 2011, Hotel Land Vinyards at Monsaraz, Hotel Land Vinyards at Monsaraz, which includes a congress center, nautical center, spa and independent villas. Project carried out in partnership with architect Márcio Kogan and Luís Pedra Silva (under construction);
  • 2011, Boutique hotel project in Botswana, Boutique hotel project in Botswana, which includes a congress center, diamond museum and small hotel school. Project carried out in partnership with architect Márcio Kogan (project);
  • 2010, Zara Philips house, Four proposals for Zara Philips house to reformulate Campo Real's new expansion plan, Torres Vedras, with Luís Pedra Silva;
  • 2006, ANTECIPARTE 2006 Exhibition, Project for the installation of the ANTECIPARTE 2006 Exhibition, at Praça do Comércio, Lisbon (project in partnership with Marco Arraiolos);


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