Pedro Domingos Belo Carmona Marques

Pedro Domingos Belo Carmona Marques
Nome Completo:
Pedro Domingos Belo Carmona Marques


  • Mestrado
    Engenharia Física
  • Licenciatura
    Engenharia e Gestão Industrial
  • Mestrado
    MSc Engineering Physcis
  • Doutoramento
    PhD Leaders for Technical Industries
  • Doutoramento
    Líderes para Indústrias Tecnológicas


Conference paper

  • Blockchain application for the supply chain optimization, 29th IJCIEOM – International Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Lisboa.
  • 2013, Roadmap for business models definition in manufacturing companies
  • 2013, A methodology for product-service systems development

Journal article

  • 2023-08-14, A Review of Sustainable Total Productive Maintenance (STPM), Sustainability
  • 2023-07-11, Exploring Influential Factors with Structural Equation Modeling–Artificial Neural Network to Involve Medicine Users in Home Medicine Waste Management and Preventing Pharmacopollution, Sustainability
  • 2023-04-21, Artificial Intelligence and disruptive technologies in Service Systems: a bibliometric analysis, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
  • 2023-04-13, Analyzing the Attractiveness of Businesses to Receive Investments for a Creative and Innovative Transition to a Circular Economy: The Case of the Textile and Fashion Industry, Sustainability
  • 2022-08-20, Where Are Smart Cities Heading? A Meta-Review and Guidelines for Future Research, Applied Sciences
  • 2022, Priority model for critical success factors in reverse flow inventory management, International Journal of Inventory Research
  • 2022, Application of Monte-Carlo Simulation towards a better understanding of Bayes´ Theorem in Engineering Education, U.Porto Journal of Engineering
  • 2021-11, Integrating Business, Social, and Environmental Goals in Open Innovation through Partner Selection, Sustainability
  • 2021-09-18, A Dynamic Methodology for Setting Up Inspection Time Intervals in Conditional Preventive Maintenance, Applied Sciences
  • 2021-02-22, A model for fostering creativity in the product development process, International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation
  • 2021-01, Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Materials in 2020, Materials (Basel, Switzerland)
  • 2021, Integrating business, social, and environmental goals in open innovation through partner selection
  • 2020, Sustainability and Lean Manufacturing – is there a real link?, Unpublished
  • 2020, A Structured Approach to Risk Management in Agile, Unpublished
  • 2019-03, Computational Programming as a Tool in the Teaching of Electromagnetism in Engineering Courses: Improving the Notion of Field, Education Sciences
  • 2019, Integrating Product-Service Systems with New Business Models Definition for Manufacturing Industries, International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology
  • 2019, Integrating Innovation and Technology: A Case Study, International Journal of Systematic Innovation
  • 2019, Economic disposal quantity of leftovers kept in storage : a monte carlo simulation method, Open Engineering
  • 2019, Dissimilar Metals LaserWelding between DP1000 Steel and Aluminum Alloy 1050, Metals
  • 2019, A Survey on Sustainable Product Development, Procedia Manufacturing
  • 2017, Comparing Freshman and doctoral engineering students in design: mapping with a descriptive framework, European Journal of Engineering Education
  • 2016, TOWARDS A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK OF SUSTAINABLE CREATIVITY, Irf2016: 5th International Conference Integrity-Reliability-Failure
  • 2016, INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN COMPANIES: A CASE STUDY, Irf2016: 5th International Conference Integrity-Reliability-Failure
  • 2016, Building sustainable creativity: a conceptual framework, European Journal for Sustainable Development
  • 2014, Integrating product-service systems with new business models definition for manufacturing industries, International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology
  • 2014, A descriptive framework of the design process from a dual cognitive-engineering perspective, International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation
  • 2012, MODELLING CREATIVITY IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: EMPIRICAL FINDINGS AT THE FRONT-END DESIGN, Icem15: 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics

Book chapter

  • 2023, Integrated Physics Learning Using an Interdisciplinary Inquiry Learning Space, An Exploratory Study Using Computer Programming
  • 2023, Forecasting the Economic Number of Times Sheet Metal Subject to Corrosion Should Be Painted Before Replacement
  • 2022, Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Promote Sustainable Collaboration Networks Through Partner Selection, Springer International Publishing
  • 2022, Open Innovation in Industry 4.0—A Risk Assessment Framework for SMEs
  • 2021, Pulsed Laser Welding between DP1000 Steel and Aluminum Alloy 1050, Book Publisher International (a part of {SCIENCEDOMAIN

Other output

  • 2021-11, Using Fuzzy-Based Approaches on Partner’s Selection to Promote Sustainability on Collaborative Networks


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