Pós-Graduação em Gestão de Eventos

Pós-Graduação Strategic Event Management

The course is designed and taught by professionals, currently working in events and are considered among the best in their field of expertise. They believe in the benefit of investing in the future by passing on their knowledge. Our syllabus focuses on pra... Ler mais



O estacionamento é gratuito no campus da Universidade Lusófona para todos os alunos de pós-graduação, mestrado e doutoramento do período noturno. Ler mais
Horas140h Créditos27 ECTS
  • Apresentação


    The course is designed and taught by professionals, currently working in events and are considered among the best in their field of expertise. They believe in the benefit of investing in the future by passing on their knowledge. Our syllabus focuses on practical skills that will be used by the student in everyday life working within the industry. Such a realistic outlook is well respected by potential employers and is considered a worthwhile investment to start or support a career in event management. Event management is creative, fast-paced, exciting, and sometimes glamorous and you will meet and work with the most amazing people on the planet.
  • Condições de Ingresso

    Condições de Ingresso

    University Graduates in any field. Professionals working in relevant industries with at least 3 years of experience (subject to approval by the Course Coordinator); Other candidates are to be assessed in compliance with the applicable University regulations.
  • Competências


    -Organize and evaluate intervention actions in the events industry; - Understand and frame the main trends of the sector with impact on business activities; - Analyze and stimulate the markets and the event organization companies in a perspective of innovation and competitiveness; - Operationalize and market events integrated into tourism products and the destination; - Demonstrate an ethical and socially responsible attitude towards the business market of events.
  • Objetivos


    The event industry has developed the event management training course that we provide for the sector. It will train you in the art of event planning, coordination, and the final delivery of different types of event work such as Corporate Events, Festivals, Sponsorship, Fundraising, and so on. Everything taught is based on years of experience. Our trainers range from Corporate Directors to gurus from the industry. Our event course will give you the working tools you will use in everyday event planning and production.
  • Razões para frequentar este curso

    Razões para frequentar este curso

    • Our course promotes awareness of the value and importance of the centrality of participants and clients, enabling students to meet and respond to their specific needs and expectations, and appreciating international cultural nuances and the associated impacts on event design and delivery;
    • Our course content has been developed with industry partners to ensure you have the best opportunities in the events industry. You will gain an understanding of the complex, diverse and integrated concepts and defining characteristics of events as an area of academic and applied study;
    • lan and deliver real, live events including conferences, high-end banqueting, exhibitions, and trade fairs. Learn collaboration skills by working with your coursemates on the delivery of all staged events; Create a portfolio of professional materials and presentations.
    • Assessments are linked to real clients throughout the course, and you¿ll have the chance to develop professional materials and presentations to explain your ideas. In previous years, clients have used winning ideas in their business operations.
  • Programa


    • [Anual]
    • Bidding & Procurement 5 ects
    • Client Talks 0 ects
    • Content Design 3 ects
    • Digital and Hybrid Events 1 ects
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Events 1 ects
    • Event Planning & Coordination 5 ects
    • Event Production & Risk Management 3 ects
    • Final Project 1 ects
    • Financial Viability, Budgeting and Sponsorship 2 ects
    • Incentives 1 ects
    • Introduction to the Industry 2 ects
    • Marketing, promotion & PR 3 ects
  • Saídas Profissionais

    Saídas Profissionais

    Events today hold a strategic place in every sector and every area of our daily lives, from the business world to education, the political arena, communication, media, entertainment, and society in general. Events are part of Live Communication Strategies. Every Company, government, family, association, or business will hold events at one time or another. Most companies organize multiple events within their marketing, communication, and market positioning as well as education and training. Events are part of our daily lives. It is a continually growing sector and be it in tourism or in business, employment is possible across all fields and sectors.
  • Observações


    The best student will be guaranteed a minimum of a one-month internship at CPL EVENTS. The best student of 2022-2023 will also be sponsored to attend the FUTURE LEADERS FORUM. Working Hours Night time Foreseen Timetable Monday and Tuesday - 6 to 10 pm

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Lisboa | Escola Ciências Económicas e Organizações

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Direção do Curso

Linda Pereira E Mafalda Patuleia


Cátia Mendes

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