João Gregório

João Gregório


João Pedro Bernardo Gregório holds a Ph.D. in International Health, specializing in Health and Development Policies, from the Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical - Universidade Nova de Lisboa. With a foundation in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Universidade de Lisboa, he is an Auxiliary Researcher at the CBIOS - Universidade Lusófona's Centro de Investigação em Biociências e Tecnologias da Saúde. He has published 48 journal articles and 5 books, reflecting a diverse interest in health sciences, particularly in health care sciences and services, and health policy, pharmaceutical care, digital health, and primary healthcare. João Gregório is superivising four PhD theses and eight MSc dissertations and co-supervising an additional three dissertations, underlining his mentorship in academic and professional development within health sciences. His leadership is further demonstrated through his principal investigator role in various research projects, showcasing his dedication to advancing health policy and services through multidisciplinary innovation, digital health, and public health initiatives. A collaborative spirit, having engaged with over 250 peers in scientific endeavors, aiming to address complex health challenges through a blend of traditional and innovative methodologies, characterizes his work. This extensive collaboration has significantly contributed to the co-authorship of impactful scientific papers. The thematic areas of João Gregório¿s research aligns with global health priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being), SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), and SDG 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns).


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    Ciências Farmacêuticas
  • Mestrado
    Mestrado em Saúde e Desenvolvimento
  • Doutoramento
    Saúde Internacional com Especialização em Políticas de Saúde e Desenvolvimento


Journal article

  • 2024-03, Characterization of Physiology teaching in the European Higher Education Area - a Case Study from Portugal in the Post-Bologna Process, Physiological Reports
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  • 2022, A flexão plantar isométrica de baixa intensidade e curta duração aumenta a perfusão distal : observações de uma coorte saudável
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  • 2021, Revisão terapêutica tipo 1 com base nos registos eletrónicos da farmácia : primeiros passos para o desenho de um algoritmo que permite estratificar doentes para a prestação o de serviços de farmácia personalizados
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  • 2012, Use of strategic scenarios for health human resources planning: Community pharmacists case in Portugal 2010-2020,Uso de cenários estratégicos para planeamento de recursos humanos em saúde: o caso dos farmacêuticos comunitários em Portugal 2010-2020, Revista Portuguesa de Saude Publica

Thesis / Dissertation

  • 2016-12-15, PhD, Design, implementation and evaluation of a new ehealth pharmaceutical service for cooperative disease management using an interactive platform: opportunities to improve health systems performance
  • 2011, Master, Análise de cenários para o planeamento de recursos humanos da saúde: o farmacêutico comunitário em Portugal, 2020


  • 2017, The promise of the internet of things in healthcare: How hard is it to keep?, Marques, R.; Gregório, J.; Da Silva, M.M.; Lapão, L.V.
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  • 2014, Using Design Science Research to develop Online Enhanced Pharmaceutical Care Services, Lapão, L.V.; Gregório, João; Mello, D.; Cavaco, A.; Mira Da Silva, M.; Lovis, C.
  • 2013, Implementing ehealth services for enhanced pharmaceutical care provision: Opportunities and challenges, Lapão, L.V.; Gregório, J.; Cavaco, A.; Da Silva, M.M.; Lovis, C.

Book chapter

  • 2021, Pharmacy Electronic Records and Patient Clustering: Exploring New Ways to Increase the Provision of Tailored Pharmaceutical Services

Conference paper

  • 2016-03-16, An innovative approach to improve nurses' hand hygiene compliance: combining indoor location with gamification, 16th Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control
  • 2016, Improving nurses' hand hygiene compliance using gamification
  • 2015, Using gamification for improving nurses' productivity in a hospital ward
  • 2015, The effect of pharmaceutical services-based eHealth intervention on chronic patient health outcomes
  • 2015, Online Pharmaceutical Care Provision: Full-Implementation of an eHealth Service Using Design Science Research
  • 2013, EHealth services for enhanced pharmaceutical care provision: From counseling to patient education
  • 2013, Community pharmacies and eHealth services: Barriers and opportunities for real Primary Healthcare integration

Conference abstract

  • 2023-09-14, Gut-Skin Axis - Effect of kefir , ESPEN Congress 2023
  • 2022-04, Evaluation of eHealth interventions to improve medication adherence: who is being left behind? , 8th PCNE Working Symposium 2022, Navigating research on pharmaceutical care
  • 2021-02-19, Response to Neoadjuvant therapy in HER+ Breast Cancer: Preliminary Analysis of Redox and Immune-Related Biomarkers, LI SPF Meeting

Conference poster

  • 2022-11-11, The Portuguese Physiology Roadmap ¿ From molecules to the individual ¿ perspectives from CBIOS
  • 2022, More Evidence on The Gut-Skin Axis Modulation by Kefir., 2nd International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Physiology, Coimbra, Portugal
  • 2022, Kefir intake reduces the clinical severity in atopic dermatitis by improving epidermal ¿barrier¿., ISBS 2022 - World Congress on Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin, Berlin, Germany
  • 2021-03-12, Prioritizing patients for pharmacy professional services: results of a type 1 therapeutic review based on pharmacys electronic medication records, American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Virtual Annual Meeting & Exposition
  • 2021, Variabilidade na função de barreira da pele de indivíduos saudáveis, induzida pela ingestão de kefir., XXV Congresso Latino-Americano e Ibérico de Quimicos Cosmeticos-COLAMIQC- I, Venezuela
  • 2020, Impact of kefir consumption on cutaneous health assessed using an SLS-induced lesion model. , 55th Annual Congress of SBFIS, Brasil

Other output

  • 2020-09-07, PrimaryCare@COVID-19: the implementation of digital monitoring services for patients with chronic diseases during the Covid-19 pandemic (Preprint)


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