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  • Apresentação


    In the last decades, the European audiovisual and creative sectors have not stopped developing in size, significance and reach. They have assumed an increased role in policy, business and cultural life, but most of all they have greatly contributed to the consolidation of European identity and a stronger sense of community. Throughout the decades, different factors have contributed to the high levels of innovation in these sectors. Among those is the fact that organizations in these sectors have to constitute themselves as critical cultural intermediaries that articulate the utilisation of specialised skills (‘know-how’); the development of linkages across society (‘know-who’) and the capacity to generate outcomes that affect and transform society (that is, to build ‘know-what’) and in this way promote desired transformations that reinforce our societal cohesion.

  • Conteúdos Programáticos

    Conteúdos Programáticos

    After completion of the subject students will be able to:

    • Identify and describe the core elements of the film and media industries value chain;
    • Identify the main competitive drivers of these activities at an international level;
    • Understand the main financial drivers and variables of the business;
    • Understand and describe the role of the different actors in the industry: audiences; producers; distributors; etc.
    • Understand the differences between the European Market and other international markets (i.e USA, India, others);
    • Identify opportunities and possibilities arousing from the changing technological landscape;
    • Identify the new formats and genres the film industry is involved in;
    • Understand the fundamentals of promotion and strategy;
    • Design a distribution and promotion strategy
  • Objetivos


    By the end of the course the student should be able to understand the fundamentals of promotion and distribution in the context of a digital media environment. All core concepts related with management and marketing operations in regard with distribution and promotion should be acquired and applied in the context of the animation industry. The structure of the value chain as a key concept associated with this will be the guiding concept for the subject.

  • Bibliografia principal

    Bibliografia principal

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