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"Relamping" na ULHT - Iniciativa de sensibilização para a poupança de energia

Substituição de lâmpadas fluorescentes por lâmpadas de tecnologia LED.

26.07.21 - 00h00

During the month of June/July, as part of the implementation of the action plan developed by the Eco-Schools team of the Faculty of Engineering, an awareness-raising action was promoted on the management of energy consumption among the faculty students, where it was possible to demonstrate the "relamping" process. This action involved teachers Elisabete Maurício and Joana Lage, with the support of Engineer Ricardo Pina and the ULHT maintenance team.

The "relamping" procedure essentially consists of replacing fluorescent lamps, keeping the original lamp, by lamps with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology of greater durability, thus contributing to an effective reduction of approximately 90% in total energy consumption.

By the end of the next school year, it is a goal to replace all conventional light bulbs with this process, in order to make the ULHT campus a more sustainable place.


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