How to associate your CIÊNCIA ID profile with Universidade Lusófona

Lisboa Porto

Tutorial Video

Follow the Steps:

By associating your Ciência ID with Universidade Lusófona, you are authorizing the consultation of data related to your scientific and professional production available in your profile. This data will be automatically integrated into your professor page on the University website.

0 – Log in at Ficha de Docente.

ciencia id 1

1 – Fill in the “ORCID” and “Science ID” fields and save the changes. Then click on the link indicated with the arrow.

ciencia id 2

2 – Log in with one of the authentication methods.

ciencia id 3

3 – To allow information sharing, click “Agree”.

ciencia id 4

4 – Then click on “Compreendi”

ciencia id 5

5 – To check that your profile has been correctly linked, click on “Settings”.

ciencia id 6

6 – In “Entity Access Permissions”

ciencia id 7

7 – If the profile of Universidade Lusófona is listed, the association was successful.

ciencia id 8

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