Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy


The Lusófona University has, since its foundation, and in partnership with public and private entities, the principle that quality is essential to the pursuit of all its activities, as well as to its development in favor of a society increasingly dependent on the university education and science. The culture of quality must, therefore, prevail and be of particular and general interest.

Universidade Lusófona has framed the importance of quality and its management in all university agents, from students, teaching and non-teaching staff and partners. The Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGQ), developed at the University, has been evaluated and accredited by the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES) since 2021.

In line with the mission of Universidade Lusófona and its strategic objectives, the following have been established as structuring documents for quality and its management:

  1. ULusófona's strategic plan.
  2. The annual plan of activities.
  3. Assessment and activity reports: Curricular Unit Report, Study Cycle Assessment Report, Organic Unit Report and Institutional Annual Report (RUC/RAC/RUO/RAI).
  4. The Quality Manual.


The SIGQ aims to promote quality in the university's structures and covers all the institution's activities. The SIGQ is, simultaneously, an instrument for promoting quality and supporting the University's strategic planning.

The development and continuous improvement of the SIGQ is based on structures and a formal framework that allow the implementation of the policy and institutional strategies for quality, namely:

  • Have clear objectives framed in documents, laws or orders;
  • Incorporate coordination structures and levels of responsibility, which allow its operation;
  • Implement mechanisms for listening to interested parties and monitoring good practices;
  • Promover a produção de indicadores de desempenho e sua divulgação que permitam uma melhoria contínua da Instituição.


The coordination, articulation and support structures of Quality and Academic Development are:

  • The Rectory, the Administration and the Organic Units.
  • The Quality Management Service (SGQ) whose mission is to monitor, promote and guarantee quality, in conjunction with the Rectory, Administration, Organic Units, Students and Faculty; and University Services as agents of improvement, update of the institution's quality policies and producers and suppliers of data for decision support.
    • The Assessment and Accreditation Group (GA2), responsible for managing and planning the assessment and accreditation of study cycles, in a direct relationship with the organic units (Quality Manager) and public institutions that regulate higher education, namely, A3ES.
  • Institutional Development Office.

The information produced is made available to all academic bodies, organic units and administration, thus allowing the contributions and reflection of all those involved in the quality of the academy.

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