Kuadro Space - A Space for Teachers and Researchers

Innovation, collaboration and knowledge in an environment dedicated to promoting academic excellence

15.05.24 - 07h00

The ULusófona - Lisbon University Centre has a new space dedicated to all Teachers and Researchers.

With a modern and functional structure, Espaço Kuadro will be an area dedicated to planning teaching activities, developing knowledge, encouraging collaboration, sharing ideas and promoting innovative research activities.

This new project is part of the context of the new Campus Development Plan 2025-2030, which involves not only the construction of new, more engaging and updated spaces, as well as the requalification of existing spaces on the University Campus, this being the 2nd space redeveloped this year (The first was DEISI HUB, a space dedicated to areas related to Technology and IT).

We will continue to work to make your campus more accessible and current, allowing not only Teachers and Researchers to develop their activities quickly, but also the development of a prosperous and successful future for our Students, which is why The creation of a new space dedicated to them is also planned.

We work daily so that all members of the Lusófona University Teaching Community have a Fulfilled Future!

Below you can find all the technical information and recommendations regarding the use of your new space.


  • Monday to Friday - Between 9am and 10pm.
  • Recommendations for Using the New Space

  • Space intended for teachers and researchers;
  • For online meetings, reserve one of the rooms or use the booth chairs;
  • Do not talk on the phone inside the space;
  • Do not eat inside the space;
  • Respect silence;
  • Feel at home and take care of the space.
  • Structure

  • 1 Auditorium (With capacity for 30 people)
  • 2 Meeting Rooms
  • 1 Training Room
  • 3 Work Areas
  • 1 Living Space
  • Space

    Espaço Kuadro - 1
    Espaço Kuadro - 2
    Espaço Kuadro - 3


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