Student Advisor

Student Advisor

Student Advisor

The Student Ombudsman has the ability to intervene, proposing concrete solutions, in any problems of a teaching or administrative nature that are not resolved in the bodies and services, as provided for in article 40 of the Statutes of the Universidade Lusófona.

Based on impartiality and dialogue, the Ombudsman will collect all the information necessary to resolve any academic and/or administrative problems. Based on the situations exposed to it, it issues recommendations that aim not only at resolving situations on a one-off basis, but also at changing procedures, where appropriate, to avoid similar situations in the future.

The Ombudsman's mission is to assist in improving the relationship between the Institution's agents and actors (academic community) in the continuous improvement of the educational and scientific quality of the Lusófona University and of the services essential to the functioning of the institution, acting in accordance with the Law , Regulations and common sense, supported by dialogue between the parties involved.

There is, at Universidade Lusófona, at the University Centers of Lisbon and Porto, a spirit of openness to solving problems. This Ombudsman intends to be a way to listen to students in their problems and, clarifying and with a moderating and facilitating spirit, help to solve them.

Any Student may resort to the Ombudsman for clarifications or to report any situation that they consider to be jeopardizing normal academic or administrative functioning, or simply to clarify any doubts within the scope of academic life.

For an effective and better follow-up, the Student Ombudsman has, at the Centro Universitário of Porto, Professor Kalina Alexandrova Samardjieva, as a coadjuvant. Dr. Rita Sousa was appointed to advise the University Ombudsman. Together, we work to help ensure the excellence and quality that Lusófona intends to maintain and improve.

For an effective and better organization, the preferred means of contact is electronic, filling out the form or sending an email message to provider.

Please let us know.

Prof. Doctor José Diogo Mateus,
ULHT Student Ombudsman.

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