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A University project that aims to give voice to the entire academic community.

01.07.22 - 12h46

Direta Sem Café, appears as a University Podcast with the main objective of encouraging the sharing of experiences among the entire Lusófona Academic Community, seeking to involve all those who make it up, from students to employees. , researchers and teachers.

The podcast is now available on Spotify, no Youtube and, soon, on the other usual podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


Season 1

EP1 - Traveling Alone, Bike and Adventures w/ Gonçalo Runa - Youtube

Gonçalo Runa, Communication and Journalism Student at Lusófona University, cycled around 5,000 kilometers, traveled alone through nine countries, sold bottles of water on the beach, saw his bicycle stolen, continued his journey and was at Direta Sem Café to share your experience along this path.

EP2 - Making a Difference, People and Promoting Well-Being w/ Hélia Bracons - Youtube

Hélia Bracons, Director of the Degree in Social Work, shares what is her taste and her profession, clarifying what are some of the purposes of the Social Work area, its challenges and opportunities, especially in the current context.

EP3 - Educational Video Games, Teamwork and Internship with Catarina Matias - Youtube

Catarina Matias, Student of the Degree in Video Games, tells us about the importance of her internship and of working as a team in the area of video games. Also share with us your experience in the production of accessible games for children and people with some type of disability.

EP4 - Human Being, Professional Experience and Helping the Community w/ Maria Morais - Youtube

Maria Morais, Social Work Student, tells us about the importance of training in a work context, of being human, of understanding and empathy as a way of making a difference and helping the community.

EP5 - Changing Courses, Award-Winning Projects and Comfort Zone w/ Afonso Lage - Youtube

Afonso Lage, Student of the Degree in Video Games, shares his perspective on the decision to change course to an area completely different from the initial one and the communication of this decision with his parents. We also know some of the ways of working and the importance of the existing awards in the academic community throughout the school year.

EP6 (Pilot) - Repeat Chairs, Academic Path and Cinema w/ Rodrigo Silva - Youtube

Rodrigo Silva, a student of Communication and Journalism at Lusófona University, tells us about his academic path, his challenges and motivations, also sharing his cinematic tastes with him.

Season 2

EP7 - Trip to Ukraine, Animals and Solidarity w/ Filipe Pereira - Youtube

Filipe Pereira, Professor of the Integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine, tells us about an unexpected trip that aimed to support Ukrainian citizens and their pets, a solidarity adventure marked by stories.

EP8 - Impact of War, Empathy and Collaboration w/ Sabrina Medeiros - Youtube

Sabrina Medeiros, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, shares her opinion on the impact of war on university students and the importance of collaboration between people and countries.

EP9 - Physical Activity, Health and Wellness w/ Marlene Silva - Youtube

Marlene Silva, Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, makes us reflect on the importance of performing physical activity regularly and adopting new strategies to stay active.

EP10 - Studying Abroad, Cultural Differences and Challenges w/ Elizy Paz - Youtube

Elizy Paz, Student of the Degree in Design and Fashion Production, tells us about her experience of having come to study from Brazil to Portugal, the differences between the teaching models and tells us her story and difficulties.

EP11 - From the Village to Lisbon, Living in the City and Taking Risks w/ Miguel Lopes - Youtube

Miguel Lopes, Student of the Degree in Communication Design, tells us about the importance of taking risks and following our goals, sharing his story about leaving a village and coming to study in a city.

Season 3

EP12 - Vinda do Brasil Sozinha, Desafios e Qualidade de Vida c/ Leila Braga - Youtube

A Leila Braga veio do Brasil há 8 meses em busca de um novo desafio e acabou por encontrar na Universidade Lusófona uma forma de progredir nos seus estudos, através da Licenciatura em Economia. No decorrer da conversa partilha a sua perspetiva sobre algumas das barreiras que encontrou, nomeadamente, no que diz respeito às diferenças entre o Português de Portugal e do Brasil. Deu-nos ainda a conhecer os aspetos positivos de viver em ambos os países, da importância de arriscar, seguir os nossos objetivos e de ultrapassar os obstáculos ao longo do seu percurso.

EP13 - Learning the Language, Choosing a Course and Living in Lisbon w/ Nicole Margarito - Youtube

The guest of this episode has been in Portugal for about 3 years and tells us a little about her decision-making processes in choosing her course, in this case, the Degree in Applied Communication. Being a native of Peru, she faced several challenges, namely, some language barriers and difficulty entering in the middle of the semester. Despite everything, she proved to be able to deal with adversities and naturally sought, through different tools, to adapt to the new language.

EP14 - Choosing the Biochemistry Course, Coming from Angola and Changing Teaching Methods w/ André Tamako - Youtube

The guest of this episode is in the 3rd year of the Degree in Biochemistry and tells us a little about his move to Portugal and his experience at university. Being a native of Angola, he faced several challenges, namely, the difference in teaching methods. The guest also let us know how the university helped him to overcome obstacles in his academic path.

Season 4

EP15 - Self-Care, Barriers and Improve Habits w/ Isabel Santos and Ana Beato - Youtube

We are invited to learn about some of the simple actions that, when done daily, contribute to the self-care process. Teachers Isabel Santos and Ana Beato share their perspectives, demystifying this increasingly relevant concept. We also reflect on the barriers of self-care, what we can do for constant improvement, as well as some of the pillars of health in its multiple aspects, from Mental Health, to Physical Health and Relational or Social Health.

EP16 - Burnout, Prevention and Seeking Help w/ Tânia Gaspar and Ana Loureiro - Youtube

Today's episode, Tânia Gaspar and Ana Loureiro make us reflect on the topic of Burnout, in its multiple aspects, from the process of recognizing and managing stressful situations, to risk factors and issues that we should be aware of.
During the conversation we also saw some forms of Prevention, namely Self-Care Strategies, Self-regulation, Defining Objectives and Limits throughout our entire professional path, so as not to overwhelm ourselves.

EP17 - Distress, Sexual Pleasure, Well-Being, Sexology and Multidisciplinary w/ Patrícia Pascoal - Youtube

In this episode we are invited to understand a little more about the area of sexology, getting in touch with concepts such as destress, the importance of promoting well-being and eliminating the anguish associated with sexual dissatisfaction.
connection between Clinical Psychology and Clinical Sexology, as well as the dimension, involvement and contribution of other areas for its development, namely sociology, law, history, media study or others.

EP18 -Youth Mental Health, Uncertainty and Stigma w/ Tânia Gaspar and Teresa Mendes - Youtube

What do we know about the mental health and well-being of young people today?
What are the most important characteristics for young people's mental health?
How can we reduce the stigma associated with seeking psychological support?
How can we promote connection, deal with unforeseen circumstances and promote youth participation in society?

EP19 - Trauma, Changes in Brain Structure and Symptoms w/ Bruno Faustino - Youtube

A complex trauma can cause significant changes in brain structures, namely in the Amygdala, Hippocampus and HPA Axis.
Find out which events can be considered as complex from an emotional point of view, as well as the symptoms and types of therapies recommended for someone who is going through a situation of this type.


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