Internal Reporting Channel

Internal Reporting Channel

Internal Reporting Channel

Considering the need to provide the entire academic community with a proper and safe place to present situations that violate the legal, ethical and moral principles that govern the Institution, the Internal Reporting Channel (CDI) was created.< /p>

Any acts that harm the rights of people, violate the Law or denigrate the Institution, which have already occurred, are ongoing or are expected to be committed, must be reported.

Within the scope of the CDI, there is a commitment to a fair and effective treatment of the situation, ensuring action in accordance with the circumstances and guaranteeing the necessary secrecy and the respective protection of the rights of those involved, namely the prohibition of acts of retaliation .

Who can report?

Any person who has knowledge of an act that violates the law or the ethical and moral principles that govern the Institution.

For members of the academic community, employees, teachers and students, there is a guarantee of protection for whistleblowers, namely as defined in Law n.º 93/2021, of December 20 (RGPDI).

How to report?

The complaint is made in writing through:

  • Own form
  • Email message to
  • By post, by letter addressed to:
    Internal Complaint Channel
    Av. from Campo Grande 376
    1740-024 LISBON.

In any medium used, the RGPD is complied with and the necessary secrecy of information is complied with, in accordance with CDI Regulations.

What information must be provided?

Identification of the complainant and contacts [name, number (student, teacher, employee), function, e–mail address and telephone] – which may be anonymous;

Framework of the situation denounced, namely:

  • The description, as detailed as possible, of the situation;
  • The time when it occurred, whether it occurs or is expected to occur;
  • Identification of the offender or offenders;
  • Indication if information has already been given to those responsible or other persons, and if so, to whom and when, as well as the response given;
  • Other information relevant to the process of analysis and follow-up of the reported situation, including, if there is, documentary evidence or other elements that support the complaint.

How is the complaint handled?

Upon receipt of the complaint, the necessary procedures are triggered to investigate the situation with a guarantee of secrecy. The procedures are defined in the CDI Regulation.

The whistleblower, whenever identified, is kept informed of the procedures taken and, within a maximum period of 7 working days, receives the decision arising from the preliminary analysis carried out and the actions that may take place subsequently (cf. RCDI).

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