Student, Teachers and Staff Mobility


Student, Teachers and Staff Mobility

Fact Sheet Briefing


All undergraduate, masters or doctoral students can participate in Erasmus+ mobility programs. The destination countries and universities or institutes (*hosts*) depend on existing and valid inter-institutional agreements established between Universidade Lusófona and the destination partner. These agreements are established by course or area of study. Thus, agreements vary from course to course, which means that for each course there are different destination countries and Universities or host institutions. Before applying, talk to the International Office of Universidade Lusófona (Lisbon or Porto) or with the Mobility Coordinator of your course or Faculty / School.

See the Incoming Mobility and Outgoing Mobility pages to learn more about available programs, application procedures, supporting documentation and calendars.

  • Incoming Mobility
    (For those who intend to study at Lusófona University in scope of the Erasmus Program)
  • Mobilidade Outgoing
    (For those who intend to study at a partner institution during 1 or 2 semesters)

Lisbon University Center - Apply Here
Porto University Center - Apply Here


Within the scope of Erasmus+ mobility, teachers can benefit from Erasmus+ mobility grants for Teaching (STA), for Training (STT) and combined mobility (teaching and training). Information on applications, scholarships and deadlines can be found on the Faculty and Staff Mobility page.

For the development of other activities, such as going to conferences or other scientific events, there are other programs and financial support. For more information, consult the Board of your Faculty/School.


All employees (staff) of Universidade Lusófona have the opportunity to apply for mobility grants to participate in Erasmus+ training actions (STT). Erasmus+ scholarships for training mobility can be used to participate in events such as International Weeks organized by Universities or Higher Education Institutions in Europe. See the Faculty and Staff Mobility page for more information.

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