Lusófona Mobile Application (App) for Students


Lusófona Ensino

Version 2.2.5 of the Lusófona Ensino Application is intended for students from different Higher Education Institutions in the Lusófona Universe.

Version 2.2.5 allows access to the following services:

  • check your enrolments;

  • assesments calendar;

  • submission and consultation of requirements;

  • consultation of grades by academic year;

  • total of ects;

  • partial course average;

  • course completion summary screen;

  • timetable and room for each subject;

  • treasury data (balance inquiry and ATM references for payment);

  • passwords for academic services (only for Universidade Lusófona);

  • contact information by institution;

  • sharing ratings and payment data;

  • News and Events.

  • receive notifications

To access the Lusófona Ensino App, students must use the same credentials they use to access the NetPA Academic Portal.

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