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15.08.23 - 09h30

Your card issue page is now available of student. If you have already registered and have your mobile key, join now.

It is essential for your daily life at Universidade Lusófona. The identification card that allows you to manage your life at an academic and/or financial level. It is mandatory and free.

If you've already registered and have your mobile key, join now!

Note: External students cannot obtain a student card, as for all purposes they are not considered university students. Only when they meet the conditions for access to higher education, apply and become boarding students can they do so.

If you still don't have the digital mobile key

To apply for your card online, you will need the Digital Mobile Key.

The Digital Mobile Key is a means of authentication and digital signature certified by the Portuguese State that allows the user to access various public or private portals, and sign digital documents, with a single login. This mechanism associates a mobile phone number with the civil identification number for a Portuguese citizen, and the passport number or residence permit/card for a foreign citizen.

Activation of the digital mobile key is available here.

Request your Digital Mobile Key now, as you will need it to access your student card without leaving home.

CGD student card for international students:

  • International students who do not have a citizen card and mobile key can only apply for their student card in person. Students should go to a CGD agency and bring their: Passport; Proof of residence; Proof of student at the University/Institute.
  • Students from each institution should preferably go to the following agencies:
    • Lusófona University - Lisbon University Center - Campo Grande Branches; from Lumiar; Alvalade or CGD headquarters;
    • Lusófona University - Porto University Center - Amial, Foz do Douro, Lordelo or Boavista branches;
    • ISMAT - Portimão or Penha Agencies;
    • ISLA Santarém - Santarém Agency;
    • IPLUSO - Expo Sul Agency;
    • ISLA Gaia - Vila Nova Gaia Agency;
    • ISDOM - Agência Marinha Grande.

Within the scope of the Protocol existing between the University / Institute and Caixa Geral de Depósitos, the issue of the identification card is carried out with the cooperation of the banking entity, with benefits for students and other users of the Teaching Institution.

The identification card is mandatory and completely free, and its use is essential for the proper functioning of the services of the educational institution you attend.

All students have two card options:
- Option 1*: Simple identification card;
- Option 2: Identification card associated with a Caixa bank account with various associated advantages.
*It is not mandatory to open an account or use an ATM card

Frequently Asked Questions

Until when can I apply for a student card?
The student card can be issued at any time provided that:
- Be duly registered/enrolled in the current academic year;
- Go to one of the identified CGD branches;
- Have the requested documentation with you;
- Possess a mobile key or, in the case of foreign citizens who do not have a citizen card and mobile key, Passport, proof of residence and proof of student at the university / institute.

Where can I pick up my student card?
Cards associated with accounts and which function as debit cards are sent to the addresses (residence) indicated by students when opening an account;
Simple student cards are delivered at the academic services of the University / Institute. Students, after 30 days from the card application date, must go to the services to pick it up.


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