Universidade Lusófona (ULusófona) has a Candidate Support Service where information related to the application process to the University can be obtained and doubts about the Conditions of Access/entrance and type of application can be obtained.

The Application Process is carried out online without the need to visit the services of Universidade Lusófona.

However, all candidates wishing further clarification or assistance in the application process can contact us by email, or go to:

ULusófona - Lisbon University Center

ULusófona - University Center Porto

This Service provides clarification and assistance to candidates wishing to attend Universidade Lusófona, Centro Universitário Lisboa, or Centro Universitário Porto, in order to apply accurately and safely, within the deadlines and application dates set out in the official calendar .

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Apply as an International Student

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Apply as holder of a dual certification and specialized artistic course

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