Lusófona Open Days & Talks 2024

Lusófona Open Days & Talks 2024

Lusófona Open Days & Talks 2024

Still don't know what course you want to take? Do you have questions about the application process? What will be the employment rate in the area you will pursue? Do you want to know more about the potential of each area in the job market?

Universidade Lusófona knows that this is a decisive step not only for your academic future, but also for your professional and personal development. We want to ensure that you make the right decision and to that end, we created Open Days & Talks 2024.

Take part in the Open Days & Talks 2024, clarify your doubts and choose your path more consciously.

Consult the program, sign up and ask your questions.

If your questions have not yet been clarified, please send an email to:

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