Class Assisted Reproduction Special Treatments

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    This Curriclar Units intends transmit to the students the newer technologies and tecniques, and in which form they are applicable to assisted reproduction.

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    • Assisted reproduction treatments in serodiscordant couples
    • Immunology in assisted reproduction
    • Microbiology in assisted reproduction
    • Omics in assisted reproduction
    • Cell therapy and technology



    Seminars dedicated to the latest advances regarding the applicability of innovative techniques and technologies in the field of human reproduction.

  • Objectives


    In this CU, students will acquire skills at the level of what is on the basis of special and innovative treatments in reproduction techniques. In case of patients who present positive serology for infectious diseases, students will acquire knowledge about the types of analysis to be carried out before treatments and what procedure to follow according to the results obtained. In relation to immunological techniques, students shouldreach, throughout this unit, basic knowledge of immunology and hoe it affects the reproductive system during embryo implantation and pregnancy. On the other hand there are new diagnostic techniques like Omics (genomics, proteomics, metabolomiscs) ysed to assess sterility; improve embryo selection or implantation in the uterus. Students should now what consists these technologies and their application. Student must know what these techologies are and their application in reproductive medicine.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Presentation of illustrative slides on the subject of learning. Presentation of themes in an interactive way, with emphasis on content discussion in order to promote the integration of concepts.

    Seminar: students must present and discuss scientific articles related to the themes of the main subjects. Possibility of participation of researchers and guest speakers, experts in central themes of some of the learning blocks.

  • References


    • “Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques” de David K. Gardner, Ariel Weissman Colin M. Howles y Zeev Shoham. CRC Press. 5 Edition (2018).
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