Class Dissertation Project: Film Heritage

  • Presentation


    This curricular unit aims to guide the student in the elaboration of a pre-thesis project whose research object focuses on cinematographic heritage, in a broad sense.

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  • Syllabus


    1. The dissertation ethics

    2. Methods and ways of doing

    3. The research object

    3.1 The materials or empirical observables

    4. Timing: stages of the investigation

    5. Research topic

    5.1 Departure interrogation

    6. Basic bibliographic search

    6.1 Reading and study

    7. State of the art: comprehensive summary

    8. General objectives and specific objectives

    9. Reformulations

    10. How to locate and report the research problem

  • Objectives


    Students get to know the design work necessary for the pre-organization and perspectivation of a research work: definition of the object, study and understanding of the state of the art, elaboration of the starting question and determination of the objectives.

  • References


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