Conversas no Bonfim: “Saúde e Qualidade de Vida 55+”

Conference brought together authorities and teachers to celebrate the implementation of a community program.

01.06.23 - 09h10

The Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport of Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário Porto, within the scope of the protocol with the Parish Council of Bonfim, held on the last 26th of May, the "Conversations in Bonfim - Health and Quality of Life - 55+", whose purpose was to present the social and health policies at national and local level carried out in the context of the Community Outreach Program called "AtivaMente - Bonfim".

The project has been running for a year and is focused on promoting active, autonomous and healthy aging for citizens aged 55 or over. So far, 60 participants, residents of this Parish, have participated in physical exercise sessions twice a week. In addition to the social purpose of the project, there is also a scientific interest, as the impact of the intervention is being quantified in terms of physical, social and psychological health indicators.v

AtivaMente - Bonfim intends to show citizens and stakeholders its importance and growth potential, organizing a series of activities.

At the time, Dr. Manuel Pizarro, Minister of Health of Portugal; The Doctor. João Ricardo de Aguiar, President of the Parish Council of Bonfim; Doctor Lucimere Bohn, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport at Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário Porto (FPED); the Dr. Catarina Araújo, Councilor for Health and Quality of Life, Youth and Sports and for Human Resources and Legal Services and Civil Protection; The Doctor. Fernando Paulo Sousa, Councilor for Education and Social Cohesion at Porto City Council; the Dr. Sílvia Freitas, Director of the Active Cycling Program without Age - Bonfim and Doctor Carlos Portugal Nunes, Assistant Professor at FPED.


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