Maria Isabel Da Silva Carvalho

Maria Isabel Da Silva Carvalho
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Maria Isabel Da Silva Carvalho


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    Medicina Veterinária
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    Ciências Veterinárias
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Artigo em revista

  • 2021-03-10, The role of COX expression in the prognostication of overall survival of canine and feline cancer: A systematic review., Veterinary medicine and science
  • 2019-04-01, Assessing the Interleukin 35 Immunoexpression in Malignant Canine Mammary Tumors: Association With Clinicopathological Parameters and Prognosis., Anticancer research
  • 2018-05-01, Bidirectional Regulation of COX-2 Expression Between Cancer Cells and Macrophages., Anticancer research
  • 2016-12-08, A Comparative Approach of Tumor-Associated Inflammation in Mammary Cancer between Humans and Dogs., BioMed research international
  • 2016-06-16, Intratumoral FoxP3 expression is associated with angiogenesis and prognosis in malignant canine mammary tumors., Veterinary immunology and immunopathology
  • 2016-05-09, Ki-67 and PCNA Expression in Canine Mammary Tumors and Adjacent Nonneoplastic Mammary Glands: Prognostic Impact by a Multivariate Survival Analysis., Veterinary pathology
  • 2016-03-01, Clinicopathological significance of caspase-3 and Ki-67 expression in canine mammary gland tumours., Acta veterinaria Hungarica
  • 2016-01-21, High COX-2 expression is associated with increased angiogenesis, proliferation and tumoural inflammatory infiltrate in canine malignant mammary tumours: a multivariate survival study., Veterinary and comparative oncology
  • 2015-08-05, Intratumoral CD3+ T-lymphocytes immunoexpression and its association with c-Kit, angiogenesis, and overall survival in malignant canine mammary tumors., Analytical cellular pathology (Amsterdam)
  • 2015-05-01, Positive Interplay Between CD3+ T-lymphocytes and Concurrent COX-2/EGFR Expression in Canine Malignant Mammary Tumors., Anticancer research
  • 2014-02-02, A role for T-lymphocytes in human breast cancer and in canine mammary tumors., BioMed research international
  • 2013-10-04, Tumour-associated macrophages are associated with vascular endothelial growth factor expression in canine mammary tumours., Veterinary and comparative oncology
  • 2013-09-21, Concurrent expression of cyclo-oxygenase-2 and epidermal growth factor receptor in canine malignant mammary tumours., Journal of comparative pathology
  • 2013-09-12, EGFR and microvessel density in canine malignant mammary tumours., Research in veterinary science
  • 2011, T-lymphocytic infiltrate in canine mammary tumours: Clinic and prognostic implications, In Vivo
  • 2011, Canine mammary tumours as a model to study human breast cancer: Most recent findings, In Vivo

Capítulo de livro

  • 2021, The Dog as a Model to Study the Tumor Microenvironment, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Springer International Publishing


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