How to apply for a Erasmus mobility for outgoing


Step 1 - Access the application form for the Erasmus Outgoing program


Put in your student credentials


On the next screen choose the option Agree.


Step 2 - Depois de preenchidos os dados deverá submeter a sua candidatura. Depois de submeter irá receber um email com os próximos passos.

After filling out the data you should submit your application. After submitting you will receive an email with the next steps.

Follow the link at the bottom of the email to proceed with the application process.


To log in again use your student number (a2########). In this step choose the Login option. You will be asked for your password in the next step.


After authentication you have access to manage your application. Finish filling in your personal data.

*Note: Whenever you need to access your application, use the link that was provided in the email you received in step *.


Step 3 - Fill in the personal data


The personal data you will have to provide is as follows:

  • The permanent address;
  • Current address (if different);
  • The bank details to which the scholarship amounts will be transferred in case of acceptance;
  • The data of the identification document (the data will be sent to the destination institution and therefore it is necessary that you provide them since the Lusófona University is not allowed to provide these data without your authorization).

After filling in, choose the option "Update personal details".


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