Outgoing applications using Online Learning Agreement app - OLA


Step 1

Access OLA - https://learning-agreement.eu/ and choose the LOG IN option on the top right of the screen. Choose the option Login with MyAcademicID

Step 2

Hello - Registration

Step 3

Continue after registration
Hello - Ok registration

Step 4

Fill in your personal data
Hello - Personal data 2

Step 5

Choose the type of mobility you want to apply for
Hello - Tipo Mobilidade

Step 6

Choosing the Lusófona University of Porto
HELLO - Choose your institution

Step 7

Add information about the person responsible for Mobility and the Administrative contact
HELLO - information sending

Step 8

Choosing the host institution
Hello - welcoming

Step 9

Choose the contacts of the host institution
ÕLA - Contacts of welcome

Step 10

Define the mobility period
Hello - Period

Step 11

Define the study program at the host institution (the subjects you intend to take)
OLA - disciplinas alhinho

Step 12

Define the disciplines of your course that will correspond (equivalence) with those you will take in mobility
HELLO - home discipline

Step 13

Indicate whether the mobility will have any virtual component
HELLO - Virtual

Step 14

Subscribe to the Laearning Agreement
HELLO - sign

Step 15

Submit your Learning Agreement
HELLO - Submit

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