Class Motion Capture

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    Knowledge and practical handling of a motion capture system, its potentialities and limitations. Application of information gathered in skeletons for three-dimensional digital animation of characters in animation films and the game industry. Knowledge of the humanoid animation module of the tool used in the course (Autodesk Maya)

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    Content description

    1. Introduction and concepts about motion capture
    2. Preparation and development of a project with motion capture
    3. Pre-production
    4. Acquisition of movement
    5. Data treatment and retargeting (mapping).
    6. Human Inverse Kinematic (HIK)
    7. Captured data animation (Animation Layers)
    8. Facial expressions
    9. Animation project 
  • Objectives


    Learn the possibilities of real-time motion data acquisition and respective skeletal mapping of three-dimensional characters for animation cinema, visual effects and computer games. Develop notions of body animation and movement in real space and its transposition to virtual environments. Professionalize students in the use of digital three-dimensional animation applications, so that they can freely and creatively develop a project with the required quality in the audiovisual market. Encouraging creative and artistic exploration of the animation process.

  • References


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