Class Modelling and Confection Workshop I

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    The curricular unit of Patternmaking and Manufacturing I is a fundamental field for Fashion Design and Production. Within Fashion Design the fields of patternmaking and manufacturing are essential, from the creation and development of draping pattern extraction, perception of measures and wearability of a dress, construction of base patterns, and exercises of pin rotation in garments.

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  • Syllabus


    1. The process and idealization of alteration/adaptation of a garment;

    2. The industrial system of size measurements: The American and European standard measurement tables. The relationship between the sizes of the pieces and body measurements.

    3. The process of creating and interpreting patterns to their confection. Practical exercise.

    4. The relationship between the type of fabric and the pattern of the garment. Practica lexercises.

    5. Construction of pattern base top and skirt.

    6. Manipulation of clamps and creation of volumes. Rotation of tweezers. Practical exercises.

    7. Application of rotation of tweezers on a top: Shingo Sato exercise.

  • Objectives


    1. Deepening the knowledge of the main techniques of patternmaking: extraction of raw cloth patterns developed in draping;

    2. Know standard measures systems, measures of wearability and how to measure the human body;

    3. Know the process of development of basic patterns of garments;

    4. Identify the several steps and procedures of the patternmaking and garment production;

    5. Develop patterns of simple garments and its manufacture: patterns and manufacturing of a basic top.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The course will be developed through theoretical-practical, expository and demonstrative sessions, and practical work of an experimental nature developed during class sessions. Foster also participatory that facilitate learning and promotion of the teacher/student interaction.

    The tutorial teaching will be fundamentally used in the monitoring of the project that will be carried out throughout the course unit.

  • References


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