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    Fashion illustration can be described as an indispensable process for constructing and communicating fashion ideas. Since the 19th century, fashion drawing has been used to represent fashion clothing, by painters and fashion creators such as Paul Poiret.

    Through Illustration, the most artistic or most technical creative vision of the designers and illustrators is presented. Currently, fashion illustration has a wide range of exploratory possibilities, from hand-drawn drawing to drawing assisted by artificial intelligence.


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  • Syllabus


    Fashion Design:
    Evolution of fashion illustration techniques: contemporary illustration, some examples;

    Scrapbook as a container of experiences

    Base of Human Body and Figure Fashion, Proportions and Styling

    Observation drawing

    Head design and various positions

    Face details (various positions of eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair)

    Hands and feet details (various positions)

    The basis of the male figure;

    The basis of the female figure;

    The basis of the genderless figure

    Importance of color and light (light/dark) in Fashion Illustration

    Fundamental Design Elements and Principles

    Color palette and color dosage in a fashion capsule

    Representation of fabrics and patterns;

    Collage and mixed technique;

    Human Figure dressed and accessorized;

    Evolution of fashion illustration techniques: contemporary illustration.

  • Objectives


    The objectives of the Fashion Illustration course are:

    Know how to make illustrative fashion design sketches; obtain autonomy in building the basis of the human figure of fashion and its various positions.

    Know the fundamental elements and principles of Fashion Design, important for the creation of clothing and its representation in fashion designs.

    Identify materials, reproduce and define environments, know how to develop and represent pieces in sketches, clothing illustrations. Know how to represent clothing and the materials used (fabrics, knitwear, standard accessories and details) and how they fit on the human figure;

    Know techniques, equipment and materials for creating illustration;

    - Acquire knowledge about the use of different materials in illustration;

    - Exploration of different materials, techniques and supports when creating fashion illustration;

    - Develop individual projects exploring illustration as a form of plastic and graphic communication.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Classes are theoretical-practical in nature.

    The teaching methodology is based on demonstration and experimentation. Students are faced with the need to experiment and manipulate the various materials and techniques that, initially, are presented to them.

    Illustration Techniques: Watercolor, Ecoline, Graphite, Marker, Collage, Mixed techniques and free techniques.

    Presentation formats: Panels; Digital; Scrapbook

    During classes, most students develop several practical exercises, concluding the demonstration of all acquisitions with a final work of greater demand and rigor.

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