Class Hygiene and Food Safety

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    Transmission of theoretical knowledge and technical preparation of students on the theme of hygiene and food safety.

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  • Syllabus


    • Basic notions of Quality, Hygiene and Food Safety.
    • Legislative and regulatory framework.
    • The consumer and Food Safety.
    • Food quality depressants. Food contamination: biological, chemical and physical food hazards. Natural toxicity and toxicity developed in foods. Food intoxications/toxic infections.
    • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. Prerequisites, implementation and verification.
    • The food handler and the environment in his around.
    • Cleaning and Disinfection (CD) plans in food establishments.
    • Food Safety assessment: Check-lists and Hygiene Assessment Systems/Microbiological control.
    • Food fraud.
  • Objectives


    The curricular unit of Hygiene and Food Safety, based on scientific knowledge and corresponding legislation, aims to study the food for human beings in their natural state, preserved or processed, since its acquisition to consumption, in order to judge their characteristics with respect to each safety requirements, nutritional and commercial values (preventing, controlling and eliminating all possible causes of toxicity from physical, chemical and biological origin). Finally, it also deals with the study of the hygienic conditions of the environment which includes food at all stages of the food chain.

  • References


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