Class Sociology of Communication and Consumption

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    Communication and consumption are two distinct but complementary elements that characterize Western society in contemporary times. This curricular unit aims to promote the knowledge of these two themes, analyzing the past, the present and the possible future trends, as social phenomena. Focus will be given to sociological issues in the context of communication and in the sphere of consumption, relevant dimensions in the elucidation of different domains of current societal life. The classes are based on the exposition, analysis and discussion of the various syllabus.

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  • Syllabus



    1. Communication concepts and models;
    2. Media and communication;
    3. Brands, communication strategies and advertising;
    4. Consumption and lifestyles;
    5. The consumption society;
    6. Consumption as a social phenomenon;
    7. Globalization in Western society: challenges and implications.

  • Objectives


    Acquisition and consolidation of differents knowledge, skills and competencies that enhance the observation, understanding, reflection, analysis, problematization and discussion of communication and consumption, as relevant social phenomena and dimensions in different domains of societal life, from a sociological perspective.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The innovative methodologies to support the teaching-learning process go through the ambivalence arising both from the combination of theoretical and practical elements and from individual and group work.

  • References


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