Class Cognitive Psychology

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    This unit aims to explore the internal mental processes and address the principal experimental paradigms in cognitive psychology to the study of cognitive functions, i.e. as we perceive them, remember, discuss and solve problems

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  • Syllabus


    1.Cognitive Psychology introduction

    1.1.Investigation methods in experimental cognitive psychology

    2. Visual perception and attention

    2.1. Basic processes of visual perception

    2.2.Main attention mechanisms

    3. Memory

    3.1. Memory and learning

    3.2. Mnemonic models

    4. Language

    4.1. Speech perception and reading

    4.2. Understanding and production mechanisms

    5. Superior cognitive functions

    5.1. Problem solving

    5.2. Decision making

    6. Experimental planning and real world problems application

    7. Promotion Cognitive skills

  • Objectives


    The student should be able to understand, select and apply the most suitable paradigms for the desired goal-mental processes to be investigated

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    n order to provide the teaching-learning process, this UC is organized in theoretical and practical classes. Theoretical are expository. For a better illustration of the syllabus, laboratory practices are used in practice. Tutorials are available to students. The continuous evaluation of this UC includes 2 evaluation moments: written test (60%) and group work (40%) The groups must be composed of 2 elements. During the semester, group tutorials will be provided to students. Class attendance is mandatory. The appeal period consists of a written exam with a weighting of 100% in the final grade, which will focus on all theoretical and practical content. As a final average, the student must obtain a minimum classification of 10 (ten) values. 

  • References


    Eysenck, M.W., & Keane, M.T. (2015). Cognitive psychology: A student's handbook (7ª Ed). London & NY: Psychology Press.

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