Class Elements of Architecture II

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    The Curricular Unit focuses on the consolidation of creative processes linked to the understanding of architectural space in physical and sensory aspects, while promoting performance in the fields of representation. The consolidation of architectural concepts takes place through methodologies programmed according to the objectives to be achieved in each exercise proposal to be developed.

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  • Syllabus


    Description of contents

    1. Functional architecture program - Housing

    1.1  Natural context


    2. Functional architecture program - Equipment

    2.1  Urban Context

  • Objectives


    The student should acquire the skills of systematic characterization of architectural space, applying this applicability to the conceptual processes developed in space articulation programs, taking into account the issues of light and shadow; relationship between interior space, intermediate space and outer space; materiality and functional program; intervention in a natural or urban context.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Theoretical and informative classes of introduction to the exercises duly accompanied by audiovisual material.

    Analysis of specific texts and documents that promote interest in research and personal experimentation.

    Group discussion and debate classes on the development and results of the exercises.

    Exporadic participation of other professors or professionals in architecture or other areas in order to enrich the debate on the themes and exercises developed.





    Evaluation continues taking into account the participation, attendance, involvement and interest shown in all the activities and exercises proposed.


    Attendance, participation, evaluation in the final frequency jury - 20%

    Exercise I - 40%

    Exercise II - 40%


    All elements are essential for an assessment to exist.

    Below 75% of attendance the student cannot be assessed in continuous assessment.

  • References


    Bibliografia Obrigatória

    TÁVORA, FERNANDO - Da Organização do Espaço. Porto, FAUP Publicações, 1996.
    ZUNTHOR, Peter - Atmosferas. Barcelona, Editorial G.G., 2006.
    ZUNTHOR, Peter - Pensar a arquitectura. Barcelona, Editorial G.G., 2005.

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    Filipa Oliveira Antunes

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