Class Emotional Disturbances

  • Presentation


    The main issues related to the analysis and semiological and clinical characterization of the main emotional disorders are addressed. Thus, subjects such as the neuropsychophysiology of emotions, the main emotional disturbances and the concepts behind normality will be taught.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Neuropsychophysiology of emotions
    2. Fear and anxiety
    3. Phobias and obsessions
    The. Specific phobias
    B. Social phobias
    ç. Agoraphobia
    d. Ruminations and rituals
    4. From impulsiveness to compulsiveness
    5. Normal and abnormal living reactions
    The. The Psychotrauma
    6. Pathologies of affectivity and anxiety
    The. The Panic Disorder paradigm
    7. History of psychological and psychopharmacological treatments

  • Objectives


    S1 will allow students to reach LO1, namely, to know and understand the concept of anxiety and stress and their physiological responses and psychological reactions. S2-3, in turn, will allow students to achieve LO2, enabling them to identify major anxiety disorders and related to trauma and stress. S4 will enable students to understand and reflect on the health implications of previously addressed disorders.

  • References


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