Class Assisted Reproduction Genetics

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    The Curricular Unit (CU) will revise basic genetics notions, which will allow estudents to interpert and comprehend the most recent pre-implantation genetic testing available and/or allowed in Portugal. The CU contributes for the geral formation of the student in Embryology and in particular in genetic embryology.

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    1. Basics genetics
    2. Genetics applied to assisted reproduction
    3. Embryo Pre-implantation genetic testing: techniques, application


    Familiarizations with the various embryo genetic testing techniques and available tests. Discussion of clinical cases.

  • Objectives


    In the end of this Curricular Unit (UC) the student should understand well all the genetic testing available for embryos before transfer, and also in which situation these apply. In the practical classes students will be expose to clinical cases allowing them to apply the knowledge acquire in lectures and dicide which pre-implantatory test is best for each case.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The UC has lectures a specialist in medical genetics. Class will be given by e-learning and/or presencially, when possible, always with support of audiovisula media for better illustrate what is being discussed. There is a practical component, as well, in which the student will be able to practice and familiarized with the genetic testing.

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