Class History of Cinema

  • Presentation


    Historical knowledge: authors and creative practices of cinematographic currents or genres.

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  • Syllabus


    1 Methods and contexts of film history(s)

    1.1 From History to Cinema and Cinema to History

    1.2 Persistence and rupture

    2. Archive, appropriation, research

    3. Research paths

    3.1 History and society

    3.1.1 Gender politics

    3.2 Movements

    3.3 Filmmakers

    3.4 Cinematographies

    3.5 Marginal cinemas

    4. Regional approaches (choice of cases):

    4.1 Iranian cinema

    4.3 Japanese cinema

    4.4 Other cinematographies

    5. Ciné-club: screening, presentation and discussion of a choice of films

  • Objectives


    Introduction to the relationship between historical time and cinema: a) the perspective of historical time in the apprehension of cinematographic forms; b) territorialisations (regional, other) and movements of deterritorialisation in cinema; c) ideas of origin and invention in cinema. Comparative studies between cinematographies: contexts, approaches, differences.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Theoretical exposition and applied theory: in-depth studies and case studies.

    Attendance and participation in the sessions will count as an assessment. In addition, each participant will write a paper with a comparative study (list of cases to be provided).

  • References


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