Class Constitutional Theory for Criminal Procedure

  • Presentation


    The curricular unit explores the intertwinement between constitutionality and criminal law.

  • Code


  • Syllabus


    Criminal Law and Constitution: an introduction.

    Principle of equality, criminal law and Constitution.

    Is there a constitutional wrongdoing?


    Substantial connexions between article 40 of the Penal Code and the Constitution.

    Analogy, criminal law and Constitution.

    Causality, criminal law and Constitution.

    The ¿sum¿ of the criminal wrongdoing and the Constitution.

  • Objectives


    Understanding the foundations of criminal law and of constitutional law.

    Critical reflection on the intersection between criminal law and Constitution.

    Through the investigation and exploration of the syllabus, from a problematic point of view, it is intended
    that the students acquire skills for a problematic critical reasoning about those same contents.


  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The starting point of the classes is based on a theoretical-practical exposition model of the syllabus, and
    then complemented with case-study analysis, thus allowing the confrontation of the syllabus with
    examples in order to stimulate the critical and analytical capacity of the students.

    The evaluation will be done as follows:

    - Oral participation (including work project presentation): 30%

    - Scientific work [individual work]: 70%

  • References


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