Class Land Transport Law

  • Presentation


    The subject of the course is the study of the law relating to the land transportation of goods.

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  • Syllabus


    1. introduction. 2. the regulatory framework. 3. the administrative organization of road transport. 4. access to the activity of transport operator.  The national and international road haulage contract. 4. the rail freight contract. 5. formation and performance of the contract 6. the vicissitudes of the contract and transportation 7. the carrier's liability 8. insurance associated with the transportation of goods. 9. international conventions on the carriage of goods. 10. The carriage of passengers. 11. passenger transport contracts. 5. formation and performance of the contract 6. vicissitudes of the contract and transportation 11. travel agencies.

  • Objectives


    The main objective of the course unit is to provide students with a set of knowledge of Land Transport Law with special focus on the transportation of goods, so that they can work not only with its concepts but also acquire skills to identify and solve legal problems that arise in practical life related to this area.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The teaching method is characterized by a double aspect, the first is the theoretical exposition of the syllabus contents, and the second, more practical, consists in the presentation of work carried out individually by students on a topic included in the syllabus of the subject which are discussed with everyone's participation. The assessment is based on the realization of written works and their oral presentation (70%), also contributing to the assessment, the assiduity, oral participation and the quality of oral and written expression (30%). The evaluation can also be done by means of a final exam.

  • References


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