Class Human Capital Management

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    At the end of this UC, students are expected to have developed the following knowledge and competence: -Understanding the concept of human capital, framing it in a multidisciplinary perspective and understanding the contributions of psychology to its development: -Understanding and using in an integrated manner the methodologies and techniques in the domain of evaluation of competencies and evaluation of performance, career development, as well as recruitment and selection; -Understand the contribution of human capital management instruments to organizational efficiency.

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    Description of Contents

    1-the nature of human capital: a psychological perspective

    2-organisations and the management of human capital: the contribution to organisational effectiveness

    3-Do organizations obtain human capital from what they need? Recruitment and selection methods and techniques:

    A. Online recruitment

    B. Psychological assessment instruments

    C. Interviews of group Dynamica

    D. Evaluation of motivation

    4-Valuation and maximization of the value of human capital

    A. Competency assessment and Management

    B. Quantitative and qualitative assessment in human resources

    C. Evaluation of performance, culeness and organizational objectives

    D. Career development

    E. Other methodologies for evaluation and selection; The center, Executive search.

  • Objectives


    Transmit knowledge about human factor management in organizations and develop skills in students at this level.

  • References


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