Class Tese em Psicologia Clínica (2º ano)

  • Presentation


    This course implements to work plan of the PhD thesis.

  • Code


  • Syllabus


    Collection of data, data analysis and discussion of results.

  • Objectives


    LO1: Implement data collection methodology appropriate to both the research and the study design LO2: Develop data entry skills and exploratory data analysis skills using appropriate software LO3: Implement data analysis, with knowledge acquisition about the presentation of data analysis LO4: Demonstrate scientific writing skills in relation to the Methods and Results section in an empirical study LO5: Demonstrate critical evaluation of own work and discussion the results at light of the literature review

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The proposed and described teaching methodologies incorporate a set of evidence-based innovative pedagogical practices that are tailored to the objectives and content of the curriculum unit.



  • References


    A bibliografia específica é selecionada em função do tema/domínio da tese de doutoramento.

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