Class Museology and Computation

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    This Curricular Unit is part of the set of curricular units of the Doctorate in Sociomuseology, which correspond to specialized knowledge covering, as a whole, the main areas of knowledge considered fundamental for the construction of the desired profile at the Doctorates's level, with a workload of 20 contact hours.

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    1- Introduction to editing and audiovisual production (instrumental module): It is intended with this module that the student be introduced to audiovisual terminology, plans and frameworks, camera operation, audio capture, editing and post-production. During this module the student will have to create a narrative and build a video with a duration between 3 to 5 minutes.

    2 - Creating 3D Objectives files: In this module, the methods and techniques for building a 3D scanner will be presented. The student must build a 3D scanner and scan several selected objects. At the end of this module, the student must select one of the objects and export it in .obj format to be used in the remaining laboratory modules.

    3 - Introduction to Multi-touch Interfaces Objectives: In this module, methods and techniques for building a multi-touch surface will be presented. Students will have to build a multi-touch surface LLP (Laser Light Plane) and test it.

  • Objectives


    1. It is intended that students become familiar with the terminology, techniques and methodologies presented in the laboratory modules.

    2. Editing skills and audiovisual production, necessary for the realization of the portfolio.

    3. It is intended that the student acquires the necessary knowledge to be able to act in the professional environment, regarding the development and coordination of projects involving interactive installations through augmented reality, multi-touch interfaces or the body as a communication interface.

    4. Assembly skills and 3D object scanner and its manipulation through different interfaces.

    5. Finally, the student must master concepts and procedures in order to establish an effective dialogue with other professionals in the field such as Communication Designers, Exhibition Designers, Programmers, 3D Modelers or Web Designers.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Classes in seminar format allow a comprehensive reflection of the problems under discussion. More important than the transmission of knowledge is, in this sense, the attribution of competences based on the reflection and criticism of the themes presented through the debate oriented around the treated subjects. Experts are invited in the different fields of the treated themes, mostly international, allowing a reflection and criticism of the themes presented through the debate oriented around the treated subjects; promoting a comprehensive reflection on the subjects taught. An international study visit is carried out annually, allowing contact with different realities and forms of action, enabling new perspectives and the sharing of knowledge with different realities. The evaluation is carried out continuously. 

  • References


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