Class Técnicas de Comunicação e Apresentação

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    In Communication Techniques, means and types of communication will be addressed and an approach will be made to the different techniques used with a view to effective communication. It will also explore the different means of presentation and choice of the most effective techniques depending on the medium to communicate.

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    Técnicas de Comunicação e Apresentação

  • Objectives


    Students will develop communicative skills in the student, with a special focus on language, diction and voice and aiming for practical applicability in everyday life. From a professional and social point of view, efficient communication has a positive impact on the results of companies and work teams.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The assessment will be integrated into the seminar and project curricular unit, in which students complete a final project to apply for an event.

    The grade given consists of:

    - Processes, whose evaluation includes Punctuality, Attendance and Participation in classes, which corresponds to 40% of the final grade;

    - Final presentation, whose evaluation includes oral expression, vocal expression, visual expression, time control, visual support and mastery of the subject, which corresponds to 60% of the final grade.

  • References


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