Class Family Law

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    The curricular unit on Family Law is essential to complete the study of Civil Law, as it refers to an autonomous part of the Civil Code. Considering that family is a structural element of a society, the study of Family Law is essential to understand the regulation of family relationships, as well as the effects of these relationships on people and goods.

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    I. Introduction II. The matrimonial relationship 1. General notions 2. Constitution of the matrimonial bond: requirements and formality 3. Effects of Marriage: marriage as a Status 4. Modification and extinction of the matrimonial relationship III. The conventional relationship 1. «De Facto» Relationship 2. Communal family IV. The filiation bond 1. Fundamental principles 2. Filiation modalities 3. Establishment of filiation (as a result of sexual intercourse, Medically Assisted Procreation and adoption) 4. Effects of filiation

  • Objectives


    The study of Family Law provides students with the tools required for the acquisition of essential knowledge about the legal regulation of family relationships, allowing them to resolve problems related to this branch of Law. Thus, this discipline aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge of legislation, doctrine, and jurisprudence in the field of Family Law. The student must acquire the knowledge taught, must have the ability to resolve practical cases within the scope of the subjects taught and must take a critical attitude towards the arguments presented. 

  • References


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