Class Fundamental Rights

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    Fundamental rights are at the core of the Rule of Law. This curricular unit, focused on these rights, seeks to present students with the historical-cultural path of fundamental rights, analyze the Portuguese system, and study some of these rights in more detail, namely those that are more recent and that result from challenges, for example, raised by technological development.

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  • Syllabus


    Part I - Introduction to the issue of fundamental rights

    1. Meaning and notion of fundamental rights

    2. Related concepts and rights

    Part II - Fundamental Rights in the Portuguese Constitution

    1. Principles

    2. Types of fundamental rights

    3. Fundamental rights regime

    4. Mechanisms for protecting fundamental rights

    Part III - What does the future hold for fundamental rights?

  • Objectives



    1. Recognize the place of fundamental rights in the legal system
    2. Understand the historical-cultural development of fundamental rights
    3. Familiarize students with the Portuguese system of fundamental rights
    4. Study fundamental rights, in particular, the challenges of the future

    Skills to develop:

    1. Capacity  to recognize legal situations related to fundamental rights
    2. Ability to solve legal problems
    3. Development of reflective and critical thinking
    4. Specialization in Legal and Political Sciences
  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Depending on the class topic, simulations and debates can be organized during the class, as well as questionnaires in interactive models (e.g. Kahoot).


  • References


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    Outras indicações bibliográficas serão dadas ao longo da lecionação da cadeira sobretudo para o estudo de direitos fundamentais em especial.


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