Lusófona University celebrates University Day 2024

Lisbon University Centre honours students, teachers and staff

17.04.24 - 17h49

On 22 March, the academic community of Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário de Lisboa gathered to celebrate the renewal of traditions and the recognition of the merit of teachers, students and staff during the academic year 23/24.  

The solemn event, held in the Agostinho da Silva Auditorium, began with the traditional academic procession, followed by the institution's anthem and was marked by the words of the Rector, Professor José Bragança de Miranda, who expressed his pride in everyone's commitment.

The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of prizes to outstanding students and merit medals to teachers, recognising their performance throughout the school year. The oration of wisdom inspired reflections on the role of knowledge in society.

"It's a university made up of the professors, but also the technicians, the staff. We have a very precise idea of the university, it's a democratic university. It's a university that is very much in tune with Lusophony, in the midst of the CPLP countries, Africa, Brazil, it's a university that also doesn't want to lose the battle for internationalisation in Europe," explained the director of Ulusófona, José Bragança de Miranda.

The event was closed by the Administrator and President of the Institution, Professor Manuel de Almeida Damásio, who closed the celebration in an atmosphere of recognition and expectation for the future of Universidade Lusófona. 


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