Project of ULusófona Students in Antena 1 Programme

Communication and Journalism students take part in report on mental health

18.04.24 - 11h32

In a commendable initiative that demonstrates concern for the well-being of its students, Universidade Lusófona was present in the April program of REC - Reporters in Construction, broadcast by Antena 1, with a report dedicated to the mental health of university students.

The protagonists of this radio play are Gonçalo Cabo, Érica Cunha and João Oliveira, students of the Degree in Communication and Journalism, whose authorship and dedication made this sensitive and relevant approach to such an important topic possible.

The content of the report addresses the challenges faced by university students with regard to mental health, highlighting the academic, social and personal pressures that can affect their psychological well-being. By bringing this topic to light, ULusófona students contributed to a broader reflection on the importance of supporting and promoting mental health within the academic environment.

Behind this project is the support and monitoring of teachers from the Department of Communication Sciences at Universidade Lusófona, represented by Ana Figueiras, Carla Rodrigues Cardoso, Carlos Andrade, Mésicles Helin and Sónia Lamy. Your guidance and support were fundamental to the success of this initiative, which represents a fruitful collaboration.

The report, which is now part of the Antena 1 radio collection, is available for consultation, providing a unique opportunity to reflect and discuss the mental health of university students.

Listen to the report here


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