The 50th anniversary of 25 April: The PIDE Informers

Conference analyses the role of PIDE informers in Portugal's dictatorship

18.04.24 - 16h45

As part of the cycle of conferences celebrating the 50th anniversary of 25 April 1974, a session was held on 2 April on PIDE informers. This cycle of conferences highlights the immortal poem "Esta é a madrugada que eu esperava" by Sophia de Mello Breyner.

The guest at this event was Professor Irene Pimentel, the recent author of the book "Os Informadores da PIDE" (The PIDE Informers). Recognised for her vast contribution to the study of 25 April, Professor Irene Pimentel is the author of works such as "A História da PIDE" in 2011 and "Os Inimigos de Salazar" in 2018, and was awarded the prestigious Pessoa Prize. A renowned historian, she has provided an in-depth analysis of this relevant topic in Portuguese history.

In her first speech, Professor Irene Pimentel emphasised that when we talk about Salazarism, we are dealing not only with political repression, but also with the political control exercised by PIDE. This political police force of the Salazar regime went through various phases and designations, and was responsible for transmitting information and investigations. It also emphasised the use of coercive methods such as wiretapping and interrogations using torture to obtain information.

During the dictatorship, informers denounced their compatriots. These informers frequented public places such as cinemas and theatres, where people felt more at ease to talk, thus becoming key players in the regime's surveillance.

One of the points Professor Pimentel addressed was the process of recruiting PIDE informers. Many of the informers were initially arrested and then recruited by the regime to begin their espionage activities.

This conference brought to light important reflections on the role of PIDE informers in the context of the dictatorship in Portugal, emphasising the importance of understanding the complexity of this period in our history.

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Patrícia Lopes

Catarina Machado

Filipa Pimentel


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