Open Days

Open Days (Lisbon)

Open Days



  • 10:00 – Reception of students and teachers, transfer to the Agostinho da Silva Auditorium for presentation of the University
  • 10:30 – Start of activities
  • 1:00 pm – Lunch (offered by the Lusófona University)
  • 2:30 pm – Start of activities
  • 5:30 pm – Closing, Tunas performance

Science and Technology Day

February 13th and 14th
  • Environmental Engineering
    “The Importance of Environmental Engineering in the new challenges of a sustainable planet”
  • Biotechnology
    “The role of Biotechnology in beer production”
  • Electrical Engineering
    “Applications and synergies of Electrical Engineering”
  • Biomedical Engineering
    “Models and Collection of Electrophysiological Signals”
  • Civil Engineering
    “The response of Civil Engineering to the challenges of Society”
  • Engineering and Industrial Management
    “EGI: imagine your future here”
  • Computer Engineering
    Computer Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications
    Management Informatics

    “Secret Aphabeto”
  • Veterinary Medicine
    Visit to the Veterinary Hospital and “Clinical Skills”
  • Nutritional Sciences
    “The Hunt for the Secret Salt”
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
    “Come Discover the Profession and Unravel Some Myths”
  • Biology
    “Understanding the beginning of life: embryonic development influence of environmental conditions”
  • Psychology
    “Virtual Reality and Psychology?”
  • Biochemistry
    “Biochemistry – Discussing Life”
  • Beauty and Wellness Care
    “Trivial Wellbeing and Quality of Life”

Humanities and Social Sciences Law Day

February 15 - Enrollment Closed
  • Political Science and International Relations
    “The Importance of Political Science and International Relations in a Changing World”
  • Security Studies
    “Security, the Industry of the 20th century. XXI”
  • European Studies and International Relations
    “EU For Next Generation”
  • Sociology
    “The Importance of Sociology in the New World Order Under Construction”
  • Educational Sciences – Social Education
    “Education side by side with science and society”
  • Law
    “Why Law?”
  • Criminology
    “Criminology in a nutshell…”
  • Social Service
    “Promoting change with a focus on the Person and Human Rights”

Economic Sciences Day

February 15
  • Accounting, Taxation and Auditing
    “Accountant and Auditor Professions in the Current Context”
  • Economy
    “The impact of the pandemic and the military conflict in Ukraine on the world and Portuguese economy”
  • Business Management
    “The Challenges of Management for the 20th Century. XXI”
  • Human Resources Management
    “People Management and the Labor Market”
  • Aeronautical Management
    “The Challenges of Aeronautical Management”

Day of the Arts

February 16th and 17th
  • Visual Arts
    “Student Presentation and Statements”
  • Digital Animation
    “Course Presentation and Viewing of Films Made by Students”
  • Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication
    “Course Presentation and Viewing of Films Made by Students”
  • Applied Communication: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
    “Cineclub Advertising”
  • Communication and Journalism
    “Journalism Challenges in the Age of Social Networks”
  • Communication Design
    “Presentation of the course and experimentation with analog and digital printing techniques”
  • Communication Sciences
    “Shall we do a podcast?”
  • Science and Sound Technologies
    “Sound and its new supports. The studio. The radio and the new media”
  • Photography
    “Presentation of the Photography Course. Followed by introductory and explanatory studio photography session”
  • Videogames
    “Videogame creation is here in Lusófona”
  • Department of Computer Engineering and Information Systems:
    Computer Engineering
    Computer Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications
    Management Computing

    “Secret Alphabet”
  • Architecture
    “Architecture: A Proposal”
  • Fashion Design and Production
    “Fashion, Creativity and Innovation”


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