Bachelor Political Science and Election Studies




DegreeBachelor Semesters6 Credits180
  • Admission Conditions

    Admission Conditions

    Podem candidatar-se a este ciclo de estudos os que apresentem candidatura através do concurso institucional de acesso e tenham aprovação a uma das seguintes provas:

    • 06 Filosofia
    • 09 Geografia
    • 17 Matemática Aplicada às Ciências Sociais
    • 18 Português

    National access competition/tender: Having completed the 12th grade; A grade higher than 95 points (range 0-200), in the following entrance exams: 06 Philosophy 09 Geography 17 Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences 18 Portuguese Entry competition/tender: Course changes; Transfers; Returns. In accordance with Decree 401/2007, of April 5. Special competition/tender for those over the age of 23: On completing 23 years of age by the 31st of December of the preceding year Those not entitled access to higher education (if they have undertaken and been approved in the entrance test for the college they want to enter, they are entitled to the referred access). Special competition/tender for higher education graduates and Diplomas in Specialized Technology: (In accordance with Decree-Law No. 393-B/99, of 2 October; In accordance with Ordinance No. 854-A/99, of 4 October; In accordance with Decree-Law No. 88/2006, of May 23).
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    The undergraduate on Political Science acquires skills that will give him a solid theoretical and practical preparation for the wide range of career possibilities. Underaduates acquire general skills at the level of basic knowledge about the functioning of key institutions of the state and different groups that compete to their driving as well as in understanding the attitudes and behaviors of citizens. The Political Science undergraduate is a professional who, individually or within a team, are able to observe, characterize and evaluate the components that define certain socio-political contexts and intervene, directly or indirectly, in their modification. The Political Science undergraduate can also integrate the public administration at national, regional, local and international level .
  • Objectives


    A degree in Political Science and Electoral Studies has a major strategic mission to give to their graduates with skills in policy and related sciences, as well as the knowledge areas that support the contemporary political activity. The study of the factors of development, quality of life of countries and democracies, the formatting of the various political and constitutional systems and the Lusophone perspective to approach the contemporary geopolitics - are outlines of the course curriculum of this degree. The degree in Political Science has a core of compulsory courses- Major- and gives the students the opportunity to complete their training by choosing optional subjects, integrating, or not , minors from other scientific areas, offering also to students from other degrees Minors in Political Science and Electoral Studies and Political Science and International Relations .
  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    Careers should extend to all sectors of society (political parties, associations, unions, companies, central, regional and local governments, mass media, diplomacy and international organizations).
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Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force.
    • Application Fees
      Admission for Undergraduates 187€
      Holders of University Degree 187€
      Readmission 100€
      Over 23 years 187€
      International student 350€
      Change Course 100€
      International Student with ENEM 350€
    • Registration Fees
      Registration 286€
      Student Insurance 45€
      Enrollment 325€
    • Tuition
      Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 350.4€
      Per ECTS 11.68€


Mónica Lira Da Costa Ribeiro

  • Telephone extension

Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

Acreditation state
Acreditado - Deliberation
Registry number: R/A-Ef 3050/2011

Graduation Requirements

Have completed a total of 180 ECTS.
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