Class International Criminal Law

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    Contribute to the academic and scientific professional specialization of lawyers in international criminal law, namely through the study of the the Rome Statute of the ICC.

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  • Syllabus


    I. Sources of international law (set out in Article 38 of the Statute of the ICJ)

    II. International Humanitarian Law

    III. General principles of criminal law (according to the Rome Statute of the ICC)

    1. Nullum crimen sine lege

    2. Nulla poena sine lege

    3. Non-retroactivity ratione personae

    4. Individual criminal responsability

    5. Rights of the accused

    6. Presumption of innocence

    7. Mens rea or mental element

    8. Mistake of law or fact

    9. Responsability of commanders and other superiors

    10. Prohibition on statutory limitations

    IV. The role of victims within the ICC

    1. Retributive vs. restorative justice

    2. Office of Public Counsel for the victims

    3. Trust Fund (for the victims)

  • Objectives


    It is intended that future postgraduates acquire specific knowledge that will enable them to make a constructive reflection on this area of law in increasing development.

  • References


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