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Accessible Education Project translated into Sign Language and English

The project was created by Multimedia Applications and Videogames students.

06.05.22 - 00h00

The Project "Accessible Education" is the result of a partnership between Casa Pia de Lisboa, IP - CED Jacob Rodrigues Pereira - and the BA in Videogames of the School of Communication, Arts and Technologies - Lusofona University. It aims to produce and distribute free pedagogic videogames accessible to deaf children. At present are available for download 21 video games with integration of LGP (Portuguese Sign Language) aimed at teaching mathematics : four games are available for preschool and the 1st cycle of Basic Education, as well as six more for the 2nd cycle and eleven for the 3rd cycle. We are currently working on more games aimed at the 3rd cycle.

These projects are integrated in the teaching component of the second and third years of the mentioned BA programme, combining physical game interfaces with videogames. The definition of the syllabus and the translation into Portuguese Sign Language were carried out by a CED Jacob team coordinated by Laura Nunes. For the first cycle and preschool games, this team was assisted by LUDUS Association. As regards ULHT, the students of two academic years were involved, coordinated by José Carlos Neves.

All games are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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