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(Lisbon) The course addresses AI in the context of different areas of games, such as Human-Machine Interaction, Game Design, Computer Graphics or Data Science, and its use in interactive applications.
Start date: 29 January 2024
(Lisbon) A specialization course that covers everything from Assessment, to nutritional diagnosis and intervention, to psychology and eating behavior and research in nutrition.
Start date: 19 February 2024
(Lisbon) Study the basic phenomena of behavior and the phenomena of political action, participation and decision-making.
Start date: 18 January 2024
(Porto) The Master's Degree aims to train professionals with a high level of scientific and technical knowledge, contributing to the further qualification of the entire Civil Protection (CP) sector.
Start date: 26 February 2024


Universidade Lusófona, located in the center of Lisbon and Porto, is the largest private university in Portugal. Since 1998, its objectives have been "teaching and research in the various fields of science, culture and technology, from an interdisciplinary perspective and, especially, in order to promote the development of Portuguese-speaking countries and peoples".

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Relaxed conversations with everyday themes. Stories, journeys and experiences about culture, society, sport and health.
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Sharing experiences on campuses and academic path in the first person.
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The chronicles are ideas, thoughts and reflections on everyday reality or academic life, signed by our teachers.
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